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CheonJiHyun - Pomegranate Collagen Black Ginseng With Royal Jelly


Brand CheonJiHyun

Enhancing your beauty from the inside out!

Pomegranate concentrate from Spain / the finest low-molecular fish collagen from France / Black ginseng concentrate manufactured by a patented method / Australian royal jelly / Hyaluronic acid

No artificial coloring / No purified water / No preservatives / No sugar / No fragrance

A stick type collagen product that is convenient to carry and a liquid type that is fast & easy to drink.

1 – 10 ml packet     
• 150g of pomegranate
• 1000mg of collagen
• 1000mg of black ginseng concentrate
• 100 mg Australian royal jelly

Black ginseng concentrate that is good for beauty (anti-wrinkle, brightening, anti-inflammatory, etc.) and health(immunity enhancement, fatigue improvement, etc.)In the process of becoming 9-jeung 9-po (‘steamed and dried’ 9 times) black ginseng, the following ginseng saponins are increased by 2-20 times. (anti-wrinkle: Rg3, F4, brightening: Rg5, Rk1, anti-inflammatory: Rg3, Rg5, Rk1)Contains 1000mg of black ginseng concentrate produced by a patented method

Contains 100mg of freeze-dried royal jelly from Australia, which is good for immunity and skin care

Hyaluronic Acid which is good for moisturizing the skin and preventing dry eyes

Available in 30-pack and 90-pack

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